Artisan handmade rugs from loom to room


2% of total U.S. landfill is from rugs


We're changing the way rugs are made by creating an eco-conscious product you’ll be proud to put in your home.

It's product with a purpose.

94% of rugs are made from plastic


All of our products are made from natural, eco-friendly man-made, recycled, or upcycled fibers. 

No toxic chemicals or virgin plastic at all, just Mother Nature's finest. 

ethical factories & social responsibility

ARTISAN weavers

Generations of skill, tradition, and community are woven into our rugs by our artisan weavers. We tell their stories, we support their community, and champion their traditions.

Every rug has a story.  

Your Custom Rug

We're here to help you choose and customize the perfect rug for any space.


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