Our story

Elegant and stylish designs are just the beginning. Loomy lets you discover beautifully crafted, ethically sourced rugs from artisans around the world so you can choose the perfect rug for your home.

We don't sweep anything under the rug.

  • Our approach

    Everyday rugs with a kinder impact

    Real life needs the right rug. However durable a rug is, kids, pets, and daily use all impact on it, so choose one that’s both strong and kinder to our planet.

    All our rugs are exclusively designed and manufactured by hand, and sourced directly from artisan weavers to your home.

  • Our materials

    94% of commercial rugs are made from harmful plastics that you don’t want in your home

    All our rugs are made from naturally sourced, eco-friendly man-made, or recycled materials.

    Thanks to our non-toxic materials and ethical production methods, we’ve already closed the loop on wasteful commercial manufacturing. We hope others can follow.

Our artisans

Social responsibility = a global responsibility

When you buy from LOOMY, you’re getting something unique: an ethically made, handcrafted rug from an indigenous community of talented artisan weavers.

These weavers have been creating rugs for generations and your support means the tradition can reach into the future, too.

5 billion lbs of rugs go to waste each year - that’s 2% of total US landfill

We’re changing how rugs are crafted - for good. Handmade and standout designs set LOOMY apart, with honest crafting and beautiful rugs, made with biodegradable materials that make your rug kinder to our planet. These are products with purpose, straight to your home.

From the founder

Most people buy bad rugs, but it’s because they don’t know any better.

After years of working in the home industry I learned how great rugs are really made.

There is so much more to a beautiful rug than meets the eye. Every step—picking, spinning, looming, and dyeing—is done by the hands of expert artisans that spend their lives mastering these unique skills from generations of weavers.

I believe people care a lot about the products they put in their home. What we buy is what we stand for. And commerce can (and should) shed a light on where things come from and how our purchasing power impacts the world.

I started LOOMY to bring beautiful statement rugs to your home so we can connect the products we buy to the world we live in.

After all, I’m a Weaver too. :)

Sara Weaver, Founder