About us

Our Process

Each step in crafting a beautiful rug weaves the threads of a longer story.

Discover how our rugs are made. Skilled artisans and generations of experience help to create contemporary, elegant looks for your home, brought to you by LOOMY.


To capture the spectrum of color tones and different textures a mix of raw materials from wool, jute, cotton, hemp, and more are sorted and graded for highest quality.


A variety of spinning methods are used to turn raw material into twisted loose yarn bundles call skeins ready for the next step.


The bundled yarn is then dipped repeatedly in the large color-tubs to be thoroughly dyed by natural pigments.


This is a complex process overseen by a master artisan for color accuracy but once the desired shade is reached the yarn is washed a second time to set the color.


The dyed yarns are then dried naturally in the heat of the sun to help capture and enrich the color.


Threads are carefully woven together using a loom in a traditional method stretching back generations.

Washing & Finishing

The rug is delicately washed to help lock in the wonderful colors and retain its shape. Now ready, the final touches are done. Loose ends are trimmed and the rug is complete.

From the founder

Most people buy bad rugs, but it’s because they don’t know any better.

After years of working in the home industry I learned how great rugs are really made.

There is so much more to a beautiful rug than meets the eye. Every step—picking, spinning, looming, and dyeing—is done by the hands of expert artisans that spend their lives mastering these unique skills from generations of weavers.

I believe people care a lot about the products they put in their home. What we buy is what we stand for. And commerce can (and should) shed a light on where things come from and how our purchasing power impacts the world.

I started LOOMY to bring beautiful statement rugs to your home so we can connect the products we buy to the world we live in.

After all, I’m a Weaver too. :)

Sara Weaver, Founder