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Rug profile

Our most eco-friendly and performance rug option, made from recycled plastic water bottles to withstand the test of time inside or out.


100% recycled PET


super soft & textural


hand woven


dining room, living room, bedroom, outdoor, hallway


weavers of Panipat, India


more than 45+ artisans handcrafted this rug

0.25 inches

Best features

  • High traffic

    Durable for high traffic areas.

  • Pet friendly

    Furry friend approved, purrfect for your four legged pal.

  • Indoor/outdoor

    Take it outside! Crafted for the indoors and out.

  • UV fade resistant

    Keep those colors intact.

  • Recycled material

    Fibers are extracted for re-use while also minimizing our landfill waste.

  • Stain resistant

    Highly resistant to stains so you don’t have to worry.

  • Water resistant

    It's outdoor safe and easy to clean—washable, scrubbable.

  • Indigenous

    Crafted from ancient techniques unique to artisan communities rooted in tradition keeping the artistry alive today.

  • Color safe

    Free of all harmful chemicals—the yarn is dyed using low-impact techniques.

  • Handmade

    Ethically created by hand from start to finish demonstrating the unique artisan skill.


The artisan weavers use an ancient technique directly on a loom to create the unique pattern row by row to create this rug.

The process takes more than 15 days to complete perfectly.

Find the right size

Queen bed

  • Rug doesn’t extend nightstands
  • Leave at least 8” of space open
  • Typical rug size for a queen bed is 8' x 10'

King bed

  • At least 8” between nightstands and rug
  • At least 12" of rug at end
  • Typical rug size for a king bed is 9' x 12'

Living room tips

  • Front legs of furniture on rug
  • At least 6” space on all sides
  • Typical sizes are 8' x 10' | 9' x 12' | 10' x 14'

Dining room tips

  • Keep chair legs on the rug
  • At least 8” open space around
  • Typical sizes are 6' x 9' | 8' x 10' | 9' x 12'

Hallway tips

  • Center runner in hallway unless furniture is pushed to the side
  • Leave at least 3” inches from rug edge and wall
  • Typical sizes are 2'6" x 7' | 2'6" x 9' | 2'6" x 12'

How to care

Vacuum regularly

Professionally clean for best results

Rug pad recommended as it extends the life of your rug


Shedding is a normal process that occurs with new natural fiber rugs; it will subside over time. Also, there can be some variations in color due to the uniqueness of natural fibers.

Size Chart

  • Living Room

    Rug should have 6-10" inches on both sides of sofa


    Place the front two legs of any furniture on the area rug


    8' x 10' | 9' x 12' | 10' x 14'

  • Bedroom

    Rug should border bed at least 36" inches on the 3 sides


    If bed is pushed up against wall use a runner


    5' x 8' | 8' x 10' | 9' x 12'

  • Dining Room

    Rug should border table at least 36" inches from edge of table


    Leave at least 12" between rug and wall


    8' x 10' | 9' x 12' | 10' x 14'

  • Hallway

    Center runner in hallway unless furniture is pushed to the side


    Leave at least 3" from rug edge and wall


    2.6" x 6' | 2.6' x 9' | 2.6' x 12'